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Supporting the IPS with their Route to Net Zero

As corporate members of the Infection Prevention Society (IPS), it was great to attend the IPS Journey To Net Zero conference in Birmingham and hear more about the ongoing task of taking NHS’ emissions to Net Zero by 2040 in all areas under their control.

It was great to see the subject of sustainability discussed with the urgency and commitment that it needs, as well as hear about the progress to date.

The breadth and variety of ideas about how changing products can help the NHS move towards net zero was impressive.

We share the IPS community’s commitment to sustainable products. DiffX™ cleaner and disinfectant which supports the NHS in reducing its environmental impact, and effectively reducing infections.

You can read more in our blog Cleaning and Disinfecting Sustainably in Healthcare as to how DiffX™ can help reduce your impact on the planet.

Our special thanks go to the coordinator for the IPS’ Sustainability SIG Graham Pike Associate Director of Nursing & IPC, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who’s championing sustainability in all aspects of the infection prevention industry, as well as to the many great speakers, such as; Holly Slyne, Jon Otter, Heidi Barnard and Clare Nash. We look forward to hearing updates on how the practical steps, case studies and ideas raised at the conference are spreading throughout our healthcare systems.

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