How to use DiffX™ to clean and disinfect

How to use DiffX™ non-chlorine cleaner and disinfectant

Our DiffX™ products are easy to use and proven to destroy life threatening viruses, fungi, yeasts, spores and bacteria.

Its pH neutral formula is easy on the environment and a powerful disinfectant that eliminates all surface contamination.

To support you use our product correctly we have this short video.

The 5 main points from the video to correctly use DiffX™ are:

  • Check dilution rates for the type of cleaning and disinfection you need
  • Ensure water is warm to the touch, between 35º – 45º
  • Allow the sachet to fully dissolve
  • In use, ensure the cloth or mop is damp but not wet
  • Effective for 24 hours, discard any leftover solution after this time

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