Chlorine free disinfection system

Protect your staff, equipment, patients and visitors

Touch Point Cleaning

Chlorine Free, Oxygen based, maceratable wipes. Convenient and efficient. For use on surfaces and equipment.

Large Area Cleaning

DiffX™ is a professional grade cleaner and sanitiser that generates Peracetic acid Insitu. It is a highly biocidal oxidizer that maintains its efficacy in the presence of organic soil, removing surface contamination. For use in large areas such as hospital wards. Sachets fully dissolve in warm water.

Spray Cleaning

Trigger spray dilution with DiffX™ 5g sachets in 500ml of warm water. Ideal for difficult to reach areas, preperation surfaces and work surfaces.


DiffX™ Kills COVID-19

Proven to eliminate Covid-19 on surfaces.

Image of Covid-19 as would appear under a microscope

DiffX™ Does It

Images of Diffx sachets in packet and diffx surface wipes packet

DiffX™ is a range of oxygen based, non-chlorine disinfectant products designed to help improve infection control and prevention to ensure public safety and ultimately, save lives.

DiffX™ Oxygen based, chlorine-free cleaning products are suitable for use in environments where the highest standard of hygiene and infection control is required, including:

Cost-effective, safe and trusted chlorine-free disinfectant products


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