Chlorine Free Revolution

The DiffX™ patented product range includes maceratable convenient wipes, easy to use fully dissolvable sachets and a spray. All tested to the highest U.K. and European standards. We offer a consultancy-based service, including training for end-users, and distribute our products to public and private sector customers nationwide.

DiffX™ provides a cost-effective, safe and superior professional cleaning and sanitising solution for a wide range of applications that chlorine-based disinfectant products simply cannot compete with.

About MTP

Experienced in Healthcare

With combined 45 years’ experience in the healthcare sector and their vast knowledge of the challenges and risks associated with infection prevention and control, the founders of MTP Innovations Ltd, Mike Jepson and Christine Sparks, have developed a unique, powerful non-chlorine disinfectant formula that eliminates ALL spores, bacteria and viruses on equipment and surfaces, even in the most challenging environments

Mike Jepson Profile Image

Mike Jepson

As Managing Director Mike's roles include sales, training and development, client management, presenting and product development.

Christine Sparks Profile Image

Christine Sparks

Christine’s role as Commercial Director involves sales and distribution, marketing, accounts and supplier management.

About Our Contributors

Collective Experience

Combining a wealth of experience within several sectors our contributors play a valuable role in the development and implementation of DiffX™ products and awareness.

Elaine Randall Profile Image

Elaine Randall

Elaine qualified as a nurse in 1978, working in healthcare specialities including ITU, Operating Theatres and Paediatrics. She then went into the commercial world selling cleaning and disinfection products.

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Colin Docherty

Colin has over 20 years experience in the Cleaning Industry working with Commercial, Retail and the Private Sector. Having roles within procurement, mobilisation and business development.

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Dr Andrea Denton

Dr Denton is a registered nurse and a qualified teacher and assessor, with 35 years’ experience in healthcare practice and education. She is currently the communications officer for the Infection Prevention Society (IPS) Yorkshire branch.

About our customers

Working In Partnership