Protect your staff and patients

Protect your staff and patients with clean and safe healthcare settings

Protection against infection

The team here at DiffX Does It™ are passionate about the work we do to help hospitals reduce infections and keep them clean.

Our aim is to reduce the impact of Healthcare Acquired Infections for our loved ones who are ill and or vulnerable, the dedicated staff who care for them and all volunteers and visitors who help with recovery.

DiffX™ is both a cleaning and disinfection product used on all hospitals surfaces to reduce and control the spread of infection.

Minimise the risk of infection with clean, safe healthcare facilities.

Keeping wards and healthcare environments clean and safe helps the NHS reduce costs associated with HCAI’s.

If an infection is found it can spread quickly and lead to ward closures which has an cause an onward chain of problems such as increased waiting times for patients due to be admitted, cancelations to operations and routine treatments, cancelled as the ward beds are not available after the operation as well and backlogs of patients in A&E departments and ambulance’s who are not able to be discharged to wards for their ongoing care.

Infection prevention and control

Healthcare teams are under extreme pressure to meet the demands of their roles and demands from the people using their healthcare services.

We have compiled these simple and effective steps to keep hospitals clean and safe.

Disinfect and clean all surfaces and touchpoints with a solution effective at eliminating all known infections, like DiffX™!

If in doubt stay out. Do not come to work or come as a visitor to a healthcare facility if you have a cough, fever, flu, sickness or diarrhoea.

Follow hospital hygiene guidelines. Whether you are staff or a visitor this is a tried and tested way reduce the spread of infections.

Follow vaccination advice if you are a healthcare worker or in an at-risk group, immunisation can prevent sickness and prevent the spread.

eXtra hand washing or cleaning. Healthcare facilities provide handwashing or alcohol gel dispensers as you go in and out of wards. This simple step prevents infections moving from area to area.

Find out how DiffX™ can protect your staff and patients.

DiffX™ products have demonstrated a significant reduction in bed and ward closure days when compared to standard disinfectant and cleaning agents.

The efficacy of DiffX™ is supported with clinical evidence and supports infection prevention and control teams, helping them make informed decisions when using our products.

Together we can fight infection.

If you would like to find out more, or would like to trial our DiffX™ products, please contact us:

Mike Jepson       Email:    Telephone: 01484 505615

*A Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI) is an infection that is acquired at a healthcare facility like a hospital, clinic, or nursing home. HCAIs can be from a range of microorganisms such as spores, bacteria, or viruses and common ones include: Norovirus, MRSA, Influenza, Monkeypox, Respiratory infections, and COVID-19.