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Supporting the guardians of the (healthcare) galaxy

Infection control staff and healthcare cleaning teams make a major contribution to protecting the health of the nation. 

Often working diligently below the radar, these two crucially important teams function as the first line of defence and the last line of resistance in the fight against harmful pathogens.  


People protectors 

Infection prevention and control teams work with healthcare staff, patients, and visitors to reduce the risk of transmission of infection, often in partnership with the Domestic Services teams also working to reduce the risk of infection. The NHS calls them “the lifeblood of the NHS.” 

By setting and upholding high standards in cleanliness and care, these guardians actively prevent the spread of illness and keep patients, staff and visitors safe. 


The evolution of cleaning process 

How can we make their job easier? What can we do to support them?  

Time is of the essence when cleaning and disinfecting, so one way to help would be to save them time 

Historically, chlorine has been the go-to disinfectant to clean hospitals and surfaces, but studies show that chlorine loses its efficacy when it comes into contact with dirt or organic matter, so surfaces and areas are cleaned with detergents before being disinfected with chlorine, effectively doubling the time it takes to make a ward safe. 

Despite this two-step process, the method became routine. Chlorine also has the additional drawback of being corrosive in nature and not suitable for use on all materials. 

There was no alterative until recently.  


The next generation of pathogen-fighting power 

Hospitals and other healthcare settings are now choosing our timesaving one-step process combining cleaning and disinfection with DiffX™. Working through dirt and reducing the spread of infection without lowering standards of care. 

Tested in UK laboratories to comply with the highest European standards, this powerful chlorine-free oxygenated cleaning and disinfection system is proven to eliminate all known surface contamination including spores, bacteria, viruses. DiffX™ eliminates COVID-19, C. difficile, MRSA, Norovirus, H1N1 virus, CRE/CRO, CPE, Candida auris, Mpox, and Tuberculosis. 

This dual-purpose professional grade product also has cost saving benefits while keeping cleaning and disinfection standards high, and its pH-neutral, non-corrosive formula is also gentler on surfaces and equipment. It is a natural progression in infection prevention. 

Contact the MTP Innovations team to organise your free trial of DiffX™. 

Mike Jepson       Email: info@diffxdoesit.com    Telephone: 01484 505615