Save Time & Reduce Infections: Domestic Services, Trust South England


The Domestic Services team from a Trust in the South England were keen to find a system and product suitable for environmental maintenance cleaning as well as disinfection for wards and clinical departments.

The team had been using a two part process, that involved an initial environmental clean followed by additional disinfection with a specific chlorine based disinfection product used only in the event of outbreaks.


We arranged a free consultation with the team and demonstrated the effectiveness of DiffX™’s powerful formula. They where impressed with the data and the testing backing our product and went on to to conduct trials in their wards and clinical areas.


By working with us the Domestic Services team were able to switch to a single combined disinfection and clean using the DiffX™ product as part of the routine daily environmental clean, saving them time and reducing infection rates within the Trust.

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