Winter Pressures and the Importance of Infection Prevention & Control

Winter months bring colder temperatures and shorter days, but they also bring something else – more pathogens and illness! In this blog we remind ourselves of the importance of infection prevention and control and cleaning and disinfection within a healthcare setting.

Common cold, flu, and norovirus, can spread quickly and cause serious complications for those with weakened immune systems, and impact the workload on the already overstretched NHS staff and services.

These illnesses can be transmitted easily in hospitals, as patients and visitors inadvertently bring them in with them. They are spread through contact with contaminated surfaces, equipment, and healthcare professionals.

Infection prevention and control is vitally important in the fight against the spread of winter viruses and other healthcare acquired infections.

Healthcare professionals should always:

  • practice good hand hygiene,
  • use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves & masks, where appropriate, and
  • ensure that all surfaces and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Here at MTP Innovations we can support you with the latter. Our DiffX™ disinfection system is proven to be effective against all healthcare associated infections whilst protecting surfaces and equipment with its pH neutral, non-corrosive formula.

The powerful formulation allows healthcare teams to clean and disinfect at the same time, sanitising all surfaces such as floors and worktops as well as those high touchpoint areas and patient’s contact surfaces such as medical equipment, bed rails and door handles.

By taking the necessary steps to practice effective disinfection and following good infection prevention and control practices, hospitals can help protect their staff, patients, and visitors from the spread of winter pathogens.

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