The benefits of using non-chlorine disinfectant for hopital cleaning

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Hospital-acquired infections (HCAI) can occur as a result of inefficient disinfection of hospital surfaces, instruments and rooms. The emergence and spread of multi-resistant forms of micro-organisms has led to infection prevention and control becoming a huge challenge for healthcare settings.

One way of preventing and controlling infection in healthcare settings is the use of disinfectant for both clinical equipment and the environment.

However, not all disinfectants perform the same.

Traditionally, hospitals have used disinfectants with chlorine as the active ingredient, bleach for example. Whilst chlorine-based disinfectants are still widely used in healthcare settings, there are some drawbacks to its use which is why many hospitals are now looking for alternatives.

Non-chlorine disinfectant: a cost-effective, safer and superior cleaning solution

One such alternative is the use of a non-chlorine-based disinfectant, such as DiffX. With oxygen as the active ingredient, the DiffX chlorine-free disinfectation system offers numerous advantages with fewer limitations compared to chlorine-based products.

Here are the benefits of using DiffX non-chlorine disinfectant products for the prevention and control of HCAI’s in healthcare settings:

  • It is highly effective against C. Difficile, Norovirus, MRSA, H1N1 and Bacillus Subtilis.
  • The unique powerful formula of DiffX is proven to eliminate 100% of all known HCAI spores, bacteria and viruses even in the most challenging of healthcare environments.
  • Its patented formula contains a corrosion inhibitor and is pH neutral, making is safer for handlers and to use on all equipment and surfaces e.g. stainless steel, plastics, laminates, silicone seals and microfibre cloths.
  • The disinfectant agent is only activated when dissolved in warm water, providing safety in storage and handling.
  • Based on customer feedback, our non-chlorine-based disinfectant leaves no smears on floor surfaces after use.
  • Depending on the level of cleaning required e.g. daily clean or deep clean, the concentration levels of DiffX disinfectants can be adjusted as required making it highly cost-effective.
  • DiffX has a fresh, mild citrus smell that is present during preparation and application but then disappears making it more user-friendly for handlers and pleasant for staff and patients.

DiffX provides a cost-effective, safe and superior cleaning solution for a wide range of applications that chlorine-based disinfectant products simply cannot compete with. The greater the efficacy of the product you use, the greater chance of cleaning compliance.

Discover the benefits of non-chlorine disinfectant. Join Generation DiffX.

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