We’ve tried to answer most of your queries but we always recommend getting in touch to find out about Generation DiffX™ and out range of products.

DiffX™ is a combined disinfectant and cleaning agent using Oxygen rather than chlorine for sterilisation.

No, DiffX™ works through dirt, cleaning and disinfecting at the same time

20g for use in buckets, 5g for use in trigger sprays.

Dissolve 1x20g sachet in 3 Litres of WARM water for Daily Routine Cleaning.
Dissolve 1x20g sachet in 1 Litre of WARM water for Deep Cleaning and Terminal Cleaning

The 5g sachet is used in a trigger spray bottle. Fill the bottle with 500 mls of warm water, insert the 5g sachet into the neck of the bottle, and allow the entire sachet to fully dissolve.

No, the entire sachet, including the outer film dissolve in warm water. In fact the outer film adds to the cleaning impact.

Warm water is just off cold, lukewarm

The sachet takes longer to dissolve and the active ingredient will not have been activated.

There may be a strong odour for the person dissolving the sachet or within close proximity.

Ensure your cloth or mop has sufficient DiffX™ on it and wipe surfaces as usual.

No, if you rinse the cloth, you are rinsing the DiffX™ off the cloth and it will no longer continue to clean and disinfect.

Yes, DiffX™ is microfibre friendly and does not cause any damage.

Yes, DiffX™ can be used with any cloth or mop.

There is no need to use DiffX™ with other products as DiffX™ is designed to both clean and disinfect. To get the maximum bug kill and clean, use as instructed.