Large Area Cleaning

20g Disinfection Sachets

Chlorine free professional grade cleaning solution. Cover large areas with DiffX™ 20g sachets dissolved in warm water. DiffX™ sachets are convenient to store and simple to use. Adjust strength of solution according to application.

50 sachets per packet
12 Bags per Box
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Technical Data

The unique DiffX non-chlorine formulation gives it the powerful ability to destroy HCAI bacteria, virus and spores 100%.

Even in the most contaminated and soiled conditions the effectiveness of DiffX as a disinfectant is excellent The patented product only creates its disinfecting agent when dissolved in warm water, thus providing safety in handling and storage.

Tested against the UK and European Standards Framework with increased organic and microbial challenges, DiffX proved superior in environmental cleaning where spore borne, dried surface contamination and high organic presence was most problematic.


Directions for 20g sachets for cleaning with cloths and mops.

Daily Routine clean:
Deep Cleans:

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